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Spring Clean Up


Spring is right around the corner and if your like me, you can hardly wait to get outside and begin working in your yard. Winter sure does a number on your beautiful lawn, but with a few hours of burning calories, back breaking work and with some good garden tools, your lawn will be ready for the summer flowers, birds, bees and family cook outs. Basic maintenance and clean up early in the spring will help your yard be more beautiful and enjoyable all spring and summer. You’ll be ahead of the game, and your neighbors will be playing catch-up all year long.

First you will need to clean out the flower & azalea beds. There will be dead flowers, twigs, leaves, and other debris that will have to be removed and hauled away before you give them a fresh layer of mulch. Azaleas and other shrubs seem to gather lots of leaves around their trunks over the winter, this too needs removed with care as not to break their branches. Next it is time to re-edge your beds for that clean crisp edge look. Mulch your beds once you have them cleaned up.

Next it is time to mow for the first time this year. Your lawn would not have grown much over the winter months, but mow your lawn early and short (remeber not to take off more then 1/3 of the grass blade). This allows the sunlight to warm the roots stimulating an early green up and rapid growth. If there are bare patches on your lawn, seed them now so the new grass can begin to grow back in. This should be the only time you cut your lawn short.

Don't over look the Trimming & Edging.

Glasgow Lawn Care has the specialized tools and we keep them sharp in order to give you the look that you desire.

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