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To really top off a lawns look you should edge all areas where the turf meets a drive way or walk way each time you cut your grass. The look of grass growing over a drive way or side walk may not seem to look that bad, but the difference between a good lawn and a great lawn may only be stright lines along walk ways and drive ways.

Edging your lawn is a technique used to remove grass over hanging sidewalks and drive ways. You should never use a weed wacker turned up on it's side to do this for two reasons. First it is not safe, you can kick up a stone or debris to your face. Second it is too hard to cut stright lines and too easy to make it look worse then it did.

When you choose Glasgow Lawn Care for your basic mowing needs, each time we cut your lawn we will do the edging with a power edger made to do the job right at no additional charge.

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